The space you can trust to grow spiritually, never feel alone and live in flow.
SINC Into Your True Self.
There was a time that we too felt:
  • Overwhelmed by all the information out there
  • Paralysis by Analysis - going down rabbit holes of information yet not doing anything with it or about it
  • Doubtful of the sincerity and integrity of some spiritual resources
  • Fearful of the unknown
  • Nervous about being a complete beginner
  • Thinking we might be too different and anxious about putting ourselves out there for potential judgement
  • Like we were receiving messages from Spirit and our curiousity was peaked
  • Overthinking the point of it all and if it is worth the time/energy/money
  • Worried about what our significant others might think or say about us investing in something so 'woo- woo'
  • Concerned about spending our money on B.S!
  • Confused about what is happening to us and want to understand it
  • Fascinated about what life might be like with a deeper understanding and connection
Our favourite question?...   
"Where Do I Even Start My Spiritual Journey?"
Get In SINC Today
This is where you start, or perhaps pick up on your spiritual journey. 
It's where you can trust the combined decades of wisdom, the journey to self and even to your soul family.
What's in your SINC Membership?
Spirit Incorporating signature MOONSinc. rituals are nothing short of magical and powerful.
Held twice a month on the New Moon and the Full Moon, MOONSInc. will bring you into flow with Grandmother Moon. Grace and Ease will prevail for you, as together we manifest our intentions and release everything that keeps us from them.
Spirit Incorporating signature SEASONSinc. rituals are a collection of 4 carefully curated half day live virtual events.
Each one designed to give you the foundation of Mother Earth herself so you too can embrace changes and cycles with Grace and Ease.
Ask a question via The Sincquiry forum and get a personal reply within 24 hours from one of our Mentors!
You'll also find the FAQ's that we hope helps answer those burning 2:00am questions.
The Sinctionary is your dream come true - one place to find ALL the relevant meanings of ALL the new and esoteric words you encounter in your spiritual discoveries. With over 500 words already, we add to it as we go.
The Sinctuary is private Facebook sanctuary for our SINC Member community. 
You are invited to join and be a part of something positive on social media.
It's a place for you to chat about ALL the things you maybe can't with other friends and family.
Can't find what you want? The Sincubator is our ideas, suggestions, request centre. It's where you can let us know what you want in SINC and we will get busy manifesting it with you and for you!
Abundance of FREE Short Courses,
with more added all the time!
From Angels to Zenith, we literally have the A to Z of subjects inside SINC Academy.

We set the intention to answer ALL the questions in one beautiful and safe, sacred space.

Inside you'll find a spiritual language dictionary and exciting, inspiring content in which to find yourself and a community to share it with if you wish.

And, it's all included in your membership!

Receive your invitation to our monthly events
Bi-Monthly events to get you in SINC with the New Moon and Full Moon... the best times for setting intentions and releasing.
Receive your invitation to our quarterly events


These are virtual live events held at the turn of each season. We flow out of and into the energies of the seasons with a ritual cocktail of wisdom, release, intention and celebration.

Receive your invitation to our Annual Event
Each Spring is an opportunity to come together at our annual collective in-person experience, exclusive to SINC members.
At a different Australian location each year, we dream of east coast sunrises and west coast sunsets, tropical rainforests and snowy mountains!
It's where we retreat, recharge and reignite our spirit with deep and magical experiences.
KIDSinc. is a sacred space especially for 2 - 14 year olds.

It's also for the grown ups who have little humans to nurture, teach, protect and inspire.

With tools, techniques and activities to help with everything from Anxiety to Zzzz's you and your little humans will be amazed and empowered!
Yes, many pre-teens - early teens will likely roll their eyes at the suggestion of such a thing BUT we will do all that we can to engage, motivate and deliver what they need.
With access to a dream team of teachers, nutritionists, holistic GP's, naturopaths, sports coaches, creatives and super-intelligent minds -
The SINC team will always endeavour to teach them well so they can lead the way...
100% of the proceeds from KIDSinc. Membership is donated to Australian Childhood Foundation.
Short Courses -  Masterclasses - Certifications - Events - Community
Become a member today and get your exclusive discount on SINC Academy Masterclasses and priority enrolment.
Masterclasses are in person and/or virtual, created and facilitated by the creme de la creme of nationally and internationally recognised teachers.
Aligned with the purpose to create from the heart and serve with spirit, our teachers and their offerings are personally selected by our Founder Tracey Dimech to ensure you are the priority and can move forward with graceful courage. 
Do you have a calling to help and heal others?
We take the overwhelm out and bring you a selection of courses that are:
  • Delivered by Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Industry Recognised & Respected 
  • Affordable
SINC's  industry connections ensure each teacher is hand selected and their certification programs trusted.
You are sure to be empowered and ready for service.
Get in SINC today!
Become a member of SINC Membership and you'll get access to:
  • Access to MOONSinc. Monthly Events
  • Access to SEASONSinc. Quarterly Events
  • Invitation to 'Re-Sinc.' the Annual Experience
  • The Sinctionary - SINC's own spiritual dictionary
  • The Sincubator - Request & Manifest
  • The Sincquiry - FAQ's
  • The Sinctuary - Private Facebook Community
  • The Sincipedia - SINC's free mini course hub
  • Member discounts on SINC Academy Masterclasses
  • Certification Programs - Early Bird Offers
  • 3 Months FREE access to KIDSinc.
Discover - Connect - Share - Align - Dream - Transform - Serve - Love
SINC's founder, Tracey, had a vision and a calling to create a sacred space high in integrity, inclusive of all spiritual beings having a human experience and abundant in resources.
A space where all the questions were answered, where everyone felt seen and heard.
A one-stop shop.
And, the teachers, facilitators, messengers, healers and guides all service driven, heart centred individuals with their own magic.
Spirit Incorporating is that space.
We can't wait to meet you...
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Your first MOONSinc. is on us! 
MOONSinc. is a bi-monthly ritual centred around the Full Moon and New Moon each month.
Delivered via Zoom and as the sun rises, you will thank yourself for the kind morning selfcare act that will bring flow to your life in every way.
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