Spirit Incorporating
Delivered via a series of downloads from late 2020 - 2021, Spirit Incorporating was founded by Australian entrepreneur, author, podcast host and spiritualist Tracey Dimech. It is the first and only space where you can find everything you need to start incorporating your Spirit on your journey of life.
"There were two questions I was asked all the time...
Where do I even start on my spiritual journey?
Why can't there be one place where I can find everything?
So, I intentionally asked Spirit and the Universe to help me answer both of these. Then came Spirit Incorporating."
EST 2022
Our Why
After a decade of spiritual entrepreneurship and private practice as a Mentor, Teacher and Psychic Medium, Tracey was feeling restless and frustrated when the world essentially shut down and went through a collective trauma. 
The uncertainty and fear was palpable and inescapable. BUT, Spirit kept insisting that all of it was for the highest good of all. On an intuitive level, Tracey knew this and felt it too.
Realising the world was suffering, the only thing for her to focus on was being the light so that when people were ready, one by one there would be a place for them to go for certainty, for answers to the questions and for connection with others and self.
The Moose
Late in 2021, the Moose consistently appeared to Tracey in dreams, on television, in conversation and on socials.
Without much knowledge about what the Moose represents, she giggled at the Universe when a www.spiritanimals.org search of 'Moose' returned this:
"If Moose as your spirit animal shows up, it's time to explore new depths of awareness, wisdom, and opportunities.
Moose are mainly recognized by their huge antlers. Few folklores believe that the antlers are used to connect with the energy of the Universe.
Due to this, they possess a sense to perceive things that can't be seen through naked eyes.
You may have the same intuition to feel and discern things that many others may not identify.
You may also understand what's going on inside a person's mind by observing them deeply"
It goes on to say...
"The moose symbolizes power, courage, authority, and self-confidence.
Because of its intimidating size, the animal is not afraid of any other creatures.
They are calm, composed, and graceful.
The walk of moose signifies pure poise and sensitivity.
At times, Moose can be a bit clumsy but they are active on the other hand. It symbolizes the fact that you need to withdraw sometimes to revive your energy and focus on your inner strength...
Moose as your spirit animal provides you courage, agility, and movement.
As a moose-spirited individual, you strive to be independent and truthful.
It enables you to create a positive impact on society.
It elevates your self-esteem and provides the momentum to achieve anything you have set your heart upon.
The moose spirit reminds you not to impose unhealthy criticism on yourself and belittle your capabilities.
You should always value your individuality and integrity."


Hence, the inclusion of the Moose antlers in our logo. 
Our Intentions
  • Serve every spiritual being having a human experience by meeting them where they are at
  • Serve every spiritual being having a human experience with integrity, respect and compassion 
  • Serve every spiritual being having a human experience by listen and feeling between the lines to deliver what they need
  • Provide resources and teach others to be resourceful
  • Servant Leadership
  • Leave others vibrating higher than when we met them
  • Provide an all inclusive, safe and kind community
  • Be the light
Discover - Connect - Share - Align - Dream - Transform - Serve - Love