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We are thrilled that you are considering collaborating with us at Spirit Incorporating.
TOP 10 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Us NOW? 
#1. Because there are more people out there suffering than there are
genuine people showing up to help them!
#2. Because society has got it all wrong, with social media dominating with its pseudo healing popularity.
#3. Because it's just wrong that people suffer silently with real trauma, anxiety, shame, guilt and anger etc. and all the algorithm does is promote filters and fillers.
#4. Because good, genuine, kind, true healers and guides like you do exist and yet noone seems to care to elevate and promote that - unless you apply a filter.
#5. Because we know too well the struggle of needing to work ON your business but preferring to work IN your business. 
#6. Because working ON your business is overwhelming, complicated, confusing and often leaves us feeling hopeless.
#7. Because we get you. We were there once too.
#8. Because we hear you asking for help... or for someone to do it for you.
#9. Because in your heart, you know you can help people live their best lives.
#10. Because we have the solution. 
SINC - A private membership, a sacred space filled with offerings that truly make a difference to those in suffering who are desperate for healing. 
SINCAcademy - A hand selected choice of healers, teachers, messengers, guides, alchemists and so on to learn from so that more people can show up for others.
SINCBiz - A home for you and me in this overwhelming business world.
Our collaborator intentions for SINCAcademy have always been simple -


To have the most diverse range of trusted spiritual education offerings

To find the best at what they do and invite them to join our family


Of course, it is also our intention to make it a no-brainer, make it joyful and make it happen for both of us and most importantly, the members of SINC Membership.

For these intentions to be manifested we have created three options for collaboration. 

But, first, we would like to give you a little insight into the perks and what joining our team as a Facilitator, or even a Mentor, looks like...

And, of course there's the community of like-minded industry business owners and entrepreneurs to bounce off, Yes! Other people just like you who get the real struggle and hustle of keeping your integrity, your value and sanity when it comes to marketing, advertising and sales to mention just one ;) 
We are not like regular business owners and so, we need a sacred space to do this. Business is "THE WORK" for us! Community and collaboration is the answer.
There's an open SINCollaborator's only Forum for everyday and we will schedule frequent live MASTERMIND events where you can learn, grow, pivot or change with support of your peers. People who just want you to succeed and celebrate your wins! 
Like most heart centred business owners, I too have been stupidly overwhelmed with all the things I am not!

For years I would scream at my screen - "I am a psychic medium! NOT A FREAKING SOCIAL MEDIA, MARKETING, SALES PERSON!!!!!!!"

I have spent tens of thousands, yep TENS OF THOUSANDS, throwing things at the wall and hoping and praying and manifesting something to stick!

I have spent countless red eyed and hopeful nights listening and reading DIY 'business gurus' tell me that it's easy and that I can do it for myself!

To be fair, I had some wins along the way. (We prefer to call them FLUKES!)
Because truth be told, I didnt know why it worked and therefore didn't know how to replicate it.

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life but it will improve the lives of all those around you."
Robin Sharma
 Also, when I saw something work, I immediately went to the next great marketing idea that I had. Naively thinking that was what I should be doing.

Finally in early 2018, with the triple Gemini in me dying an excrutiating slow death, I decided it was time to invest my hard earned $$$ into someone who knew what they were doing so they could do it for me.
It took me from a steady 4 figure month  and a 5 figure year (working 7 days) to my first 5 figure month and 6 figure year, working 4 days a week.
I appeared to have what they call 'work life balance' for the first time in years. The pressure to earn a return on investment and contribute to our household finances was officially OFF!
My offerings were reaching more people and my heart was happy.
I very quickly begun to conjure up new ways to serve and once again, the passion flame was lit and...
Over $100k, 1500 hours and a few hundred surrender prayers later, Spirit Incorporating arrived.
It is now one of my priority passions to serve those who I once was in the spiritual business world as much as I serve those in the spiritual journey space. This is one of the major reasons for SINCAcademy being a collaborative offering. 
I look forward to meeting you, championing you and bringing your magic to the masses!
Collaboration Tiers
Each one is designed to meet you where you are at and take you and your business to the next level.
  • You have a small business that you know it's time to go all in with, you just don't know how
  • You might have some short course offerings already and becoming affiliated with SINC would mean your manifesting worked!
  • You have a small budget that you really want to work for you instead of crickets!
  • You know your offering could help so many people
  • You could sure use a community of spiritual business owners to bounce off
  • You have a small business that you work fulltime in
  • You have been running short courses consistently but want to work smarter not harder
  • Your income has been sitting pretty for a while now and you're ready to earn more!
  • Your marketing and advertising is mostly word of mouth and repeat business but you wonder if by spending a little in the right place you could expand 
  • You could sure use a community of business savvy and likeminded business owners
  • You have built a decent business for yourself
  • You are wanting to broaden your reach
  • You understand that your network is your networth 
  • You may be ready to simplify your business structure so you can do other things
  • You have free content, paid courses and may already have a certification option
  • You like to surround yourself with the 'do-ers' and the changemakers