The Emerald Empire Membership
Business Growth Guidance, Support & Community for 
Heart Centred Business Owners
Get your time and focus back to your passion and purpose!
Social Media
Business Model
Like-minded business owners
Cheer & Celebrate
Advocate & Affiliate
Social Media
Social Media
The 'work' has a different meaning to people like you and me...  the work for us is:
  • Website backends
  • Email Marketing 
  • Content Strategy
  • Copy Writing
  • Business Models
  • Course Creation
  • List Building
  • Finding the time do work on the business, without jeopardising time in the business
  • Pricing - what to charge 
  • Accounting - Taxes and G.S.T
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Working from home
  • Drowning in the noise of faux spirituality
  • Finding the time for self
It hurts the head, are we right?
What is Emerald Empire Membership ?
A community of like-minded, heart centred and spiritual business owners led by Tracey Dimech. It's an online sacred space for you to feel free to ask questions about the many aspects of business which, to so many of us, can be overwhelming and well, just boring!
Meeting virtually on the fourth Monday of the month for 2 hours each session, Tracey answers your burning business question and the floor is always open for love and support.
Emerald Empire exists so you can get back to serving your clients the way you want to, while ensuring your business is evolving and is a success!
Who is Tracey Dimech?
Tracey Dimech is a serial entrepreneur who has built 3 successful businesses from conception, helped many others do the same and was most recently interviewed by John Lee Dumas for the #1 Entrepreneur podcast on the planet - Entrepreneurs on Fire to talk about intuition in business.
Her specialty niche is spiritual and or heart centred business. Tracey is a well respected and popular Psychic Medium with a long list of print and digital media features however, in 2021 decided to close her 1:1 client books to shift focus entirely on helping, guiding and supporting other spiritual business owners on their purpose and passion to service and profit journey.
Ever the Gemini, Tracey is equally left brain / right brain and geeks out on website creation, copy writing and business models. Her heart is, together with Spirit, now set on helping you do the 'work'!
What makes this community different from other business coaching communities?
You are always best qualified to serve the person you once were and Tracey was once you! Our members will all be at different stages and phases of their business journey's and will likely be a rich source of help, support and guidance too!
Think of it like a sacred abundant well flowing with information and resources and it hears you, sees you and feels you and your passion to serve your purpose.
It's patient, holding space while you centre in and process.
It's kind and nurturing while you sit in self doubt and procrastination.
It's encouraging and motivating when you make your move.
Emerald Empire understands you and and wants you to shine like a dia... Glow like an Emerald!
And it's only $27 a month!
Are you in?...
Membership is now open.