Our Facilitators
Hand selected for their expertise, specialties and unique magic our Facilitators are a collection of Australia's best spiritual teachers. healers, guides and messengers.
"When the student is ready, the teacher appears." - Laozi
Our SINCAcademy Facilitators are some of the most amazing people
we have ever had the blessing of meeting and even working with.
They are passionate about their modality and about serving others.
We had two intentions when creating SINCAcademy...
1. Offer the most diverse range of courses and certifications
2. Find the best at what they do and invite them to collaborate with us
So far, the Universe is on our side!
Alisha Fisher
The Enchanted Wolf
Kristy & Monique Pastor
Lee-Anne Mendel
Divine Daily Coaching

Cathy Jones
Inside Therapy

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Renee Van Den Huevel
Growing Transformations

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