Oh sweet child of mine. Haven't our children been through a lot these last few years?!
No matter the age, 3 or 13, extraordinary times have certainly tested them. Some have faired quite well, enjoying the time at home in their comfort zone. Some however, have struggled with the isolation, uncertainty and change after change after change.
Even before 2020 though, the fact that our little ones seem to be more sensitive than the generations before them is undeniably obvious.
In Australia alone -
The rate of Depression in children aged 4 - 14 increases by 20% per year!
It currently sits at 14%.
There are 278,000 children between 4 - 14 who suffer with diagnosed Anxiety!
24% are overweight and 7% obese.
25% don't get an average of 8 hours sleep per night.
On average 1 in 4 experience significant trauma - and that was prior to the events since 2020.
Do you agree that we need to do different and more for our children's present and future? 
To understand what it's like for them to be living their childhood in these times can be an incredible challenge.
We can feel alone, afraid we are making things worse and of course...
we always feel a sense that we are being judged!
Even if it's us judging ourselves!
KIDSinc. is as much for your children as it is for you! Afterall, your inner child is alive still.
Why join KIDSinc.
  • Bring back the smiles on our kids faces
  • Let them feel seen and heard
  • Empower them with self belief
  • Equip them with the tools they need to thrive in today's society
  • Show them they are not alone
  • Show them you support them
KIDSinc. is a haven of information, resources, support and community!
We have brought together an incredible group of humans who dedicate their lives to specialising in children.
Naturopath - Nutritionist - Psychologist - Sports Scientist - Speech Pathologist
Music, Art and Drama Teachers
Our intention is to provide as much as we can for our members - Kids and their carers.
We welcome your suggestions and requests.
What to expect in KIDSinc.
  • Weekly KIDSinc. email with something for you and your child
  • Fortnightly Facebook Live events for you
  • Access to a private KIDSinc. Kids Messenger Group for your child
  • Monthly Mini-Masterclass Zoom group calls for you
  • Q&A Forum
Discover - Connect - Share - Align - Dream - Transform - Serve - Love
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a brilliantly helpful teaching tool for YOU and your CHILD.