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Here is what's included:
  • The Sinctionary - our Spiritual Language Dictionary
  • The Sincubator - our Manifesting for You Hub
  • The Sincquiry - our FAQ Forum
  • The Sinctuary - Private Facebook Community
  • 'MOONSincs' our Monthly Rituals - Valued at $528
  • SEASONSinc. Our Quarterly Rituals - Valued at $388
  • FREE Short Courses
  • Invitation to 'Re-Sinc' the Members Only Annual Event
  • Masterclasses - Early Bird Offers & Discounts
  • Certification Programs - Early Bird Offers & Discounts
  • 3 Months FREE Access to KIDSinc. - Valued at $44.97
"Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures"
SINCAcademy takes away the searching for answers and brings you a short course for everything you can imagine AND IT'S ALL INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP!

If it's not in the SINCAcademy then you can request it via the SINCquiry 

"The more I learn, the less I know"
The one place online where you can find ALL the meanings to ALL the words and phrases you come across on your spiritual path. 
Simply enter the Sinctionary and you'll find the A - Z of a life well lived!

We will add to the Sinctionary as time moves. It's dictionary meets encyclopedia!
"Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives"
Robert Meehan
Our intention at Spirit Incorporating is to be that one place you can come to and know you'll find what you are looking for. To do that, we need to know what those things are!...
The Sincubator is our collaboration hub where you can submit course ideas, entries for the Sinctionary, Mentor and Facilitator requests, SINC Shop stock requests, retreat location ideas and anything else you'd like to see in your SINC Membership. 
We want to flow with you and for you.
"What you seek is seeking you"
Asking questions is the only way to get closer to answers. We wanted to encourage you to ask all of your burning questions - no matter how silly you might think they are - by making it simple.
You will receive an answer within 24 hours and your questions then go into the FAQ's so other people can benefit too. 
"Building community is to the collective, what spiritual practice is to the individual"
Grace Lee Boggs
SINC has opened a private group on Facebook - The Sinctuary
As a SINC Member you can join today to enjoy the benefits of a inspiring, motivating, fun, safe and supportive group of like-minded spiritual beings having a human experience.
It's your sanctuary.
"Rituals are the formula by which harmony is restored"
Terri Tempest Williams
Each month as the Moon moves through its phases we move with it during our bi-monthly 7 day MOONSinc. rituals.
As a SINC Member you are invited to attend every one of these.
A Full Moon is a powerful time to release that which is not ours and that which does not serve us. It brings space for you to heal, grow, receive and love.
A New Moon holds a potency perfect for setting new intentions. Where focus goes, energy flows. Call in your wildest dreams.
Non-members are also able to attend as a paid experience.
At the turn of the Season we harness and lean into the energies of Mother Nature at our Live Virtual Half Day rituals.
As a SINC Member you are invited to attend all 4 of these half day events included in your membership.
Each Season flows into the next and as we learn to flow with it too, there is a sense of belonging, trust and ease that emerges within us.
Non-members are also able to attend as a paid event.
You receive an invitation to our annual
MEMBERS ONLY event:  'Re-Sinc'.
An experience allowing you to retreat, recharge and reignite your Spirit for another trip around the Sun.
An in person event, and it runs over 3 days.
The cost will include:
  • Accommodation
  • Rituals
  • Meals
  • A Swag Bag
*Re-Sinc is held every Spring (Southern Hemisphere), with details released early Winter.
You receive a FREE 3 months access to KIDSinc. A sacred space especially for 2 - 14 year olds.

It's also for the grown ups who have little humans to nurture, teach, protect and inspire.

With tools, techniques and activities to help with everything from Anxiety to Zzzz's you and your little humans will be amazed and empowered!

We intend to engage, motivate, support  and deliver what they need. With access to a dream team of experts, nutritionists, holistic GP's, naturopaths, sports coaches, creatives and super-intelligent minds...

We will always endeavour to teach them well so they can lead the way!

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild
and precious life?"
Mary Oliver
Become a SINC Member now for unlimited access to Spirit Incorporating's Masterclasses.
With Masterclasses covering subjects from Akashic Records to Dream Interpretation, Past Life Regression to Breath Work, to Money and Mindset, our Facilitators are highly respected in their specialty, delivering the best there is to offer!
As a SINC Member you will:
  • Get Priority Early Enrollment on all capped Masterclasses
  • 10% Discount on all Masterclass fees
  • Access to Australia's best teachers 
  • Worry free investment
  • A community of like-minded friends
Have you been dreaming of a change of career?
Or perhaps finally stepping up to do what your heart is calling you to do now that the kids have grown.
Maybe it's about contributing to finances?
We at Spirit Incorporating are busy creating our Certification Hub - SINCert.
SINCert. will offer certification programs in a plethora of spiritual subjects like Meditation, Energy Healing Modalities and Sister Circles, to name a few.
As a SINC Member you will have access to the offerings as they get added into the SINCert. hub.
This is an exclusive SINC Members only option that will take the overwhelm out of choosing the right certification program, the right teacher and the right time.
Short Courses -  Masterclasses - Certifications - Events - Community
Get in SINC today!
Become a member of SINC Membership and you'll get access to:
  • Invitations to MOONSinc. Monthly Events
  • Invitations to SEASONSinc. Quarterly Events
  • Invitation to 'Re-Sinc.' the Annual Experience
  • The Sinctionary - SINC's own spiritual dictionary
  • The Sincubator - Request & Manifest
  • The Sincquiry - FAQ's
  • The Sinctuary - Private Facebook Community
  • Over 100 FREE Short Courses in SINC Academy
  • Member discounts on SINC Academy Masterclasses
  • Certification Programs - Early Bird Offers
  • 3 Months FREE access to KIDSinc.
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Your first MOONSinc. is on us! 
MOONSinc. is a bi-monthly ritual centred around the Full Moon and New Moon each month.
Delivered via Zoom and as the sun rises, you will thank yourself for the kind morning selfcare act that will bring flow to your life in every way.
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