The SINCAcademy was conceived and created by our Founder - Tracey Dimech. 
After years of private practice as a spiritual mentor, psychic medium, author and podcast host the one thing Tracey kept hearing?...
"Where do I even start on my spiritual awakening?"
It can be exciting, daunting, scary, overwhelming and as confusing as...
well, you know!
We all know 'someone' who has googled - 
  • What is a spiritual awakening?
  • What is a soul?
  • Do our loved ones in heaven really hear us talk to them?
  • Why am I dreaming of my dead relative?
  • Is a feather a sign from above?
  • What is an archangel?
And, we all know how quickly it can turn... 2 hours later and a certain someone is now discovering the 5th Dimension and wondering if Light Beings really do exist!
It's a slippery slope that's for sure!
For some of us though, it awakens something within us that, if we didn't know better, we'd swear the Universe is trying to tell us something.
Suddenly everywhere you go, there it is.
Someone is talking about it or, our favourite - you get a 'random' email with an offer for it!
Is it a sign?
Is this my 'purpose'?...
Every single person who has a business, whether it is a side hustle, a weekend market stall, or a fully fledged fulltime gig, has at some point had that inner calling to go deeper into learning about their specialty.
They too have felt that passion in the pit of their stomach, that is equally exciting and terrifying, wondering if this is their 'purpose'.
Dreaming of a future when they would be living their passion, serving their purpose and even making a profit!
The team at Spirit Incorporating know, without any doubt, is that as spiritual beings having a human experience we have many, many purposes in life.
(Which as a SINC Member, you can do a FREE Short Course on just this topic!)
And, it's not as simple as identifying your one purpose, serving it and being happy and fulfilled.
This is a false hope sold to too many these days.
Passion DOES NOT EQUAL Purpose
When was the last time you were passionate about something?

Something that is entirely yours. Passion that comes from your spirit, your soul.

Maybe it's surfing, painting, or singing... maybe it's science or astronomy. Whatever it is, close your eyes, place your hand over your heart and sinc into your heartspace and remember back to the last time you were doing it.

Remember back to the last time you were doing it.

How were you feeling?

Joyful? Free? Calm? Excited? Nervous? Alive?

THAT. That is what you want.


Passions can come and go, they can last a lifetime but passions are what life is meant to be made of!

The 3 Most Common Answers to...
What do you want most in your life?
1. Happiness
2. Health
3. Fulfillment
If you are as intentional and deliberate as you can possibly be to achieve and sustain these, then the Universe can do nothing else but deliver you the life of your highest good. A life filled with many passions, many purposes and profit that matches your frequency of life.
The next time you feel or hear the whispers of something awakening inside, and the Universe is sending you ALL the signs to make it easy for you...
Simply close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and ask - "Is this a passion in the making?"
If the answer is "YES!!!" - then, it's no coincidence that the Universe brought you here to start your spiritual journey.
We wanted you to not only have an abundance of
courses at your finger tips but also provide you with the certainty that the facilitator is 100% legit, fantastic at what they do, serve from the heart and worth every cent.
Updated every month with new courses and old favourites.
Our paid courses are are available to everyone but SINC Members get the gift of a discount rate and priority enrollment.
Our beloved SINC Members have huge selection of included courses on offer - yes, that's right... they are FREE!
In our case, FREE does not mean it's going to be cheap and nasty!
Quite the contrary actually. 
We have found some of the best FREE content out there that will keep you captivated, teach you ALOT and wet the appetite of passions as they rise.
Time to get Sinc'd? AKA Certified? 
Certifications are a dime a dozen these days and boy do we know it!
Being firm on your decision to get certified in a modality is so exciting. It's the beginning of the next phase on your journey of passions.
But, it can be a headache... WHO? WHERE? HOW MUCH? 
We got you! Get certified with confidence.
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